The challenge of Day 28, by Sam Davidson: [When did you feel most alive recently? Where were you? What did you smell? What sights and sounds did you experience? Capture that moment on paper and recall that feeling. Then, when it’s time to create something, read your own words to reclaim a sense of being to motivate you to complete a task at hand.]

“Getting wiser in life you will” 

An archery teacher’s lesson on how to become one with what is.

Goddess of Wilderness / Huntress of Forage

”Don’t hold the bow so tight”. I am at the archery club for my third time and had just aimed for the target hundred feet away. ”Try to barely hold it at all” he said as he stood diagonally behind me. The teacher was old in the game. He had shot archery for 52 years. He was quite short, had white hair and fingers that seemed casted in a different mould, like resilient and flexible timber. He took my elbow and showed me that I had to pull back my arm all the way so my hand was at the same level as my ear.

“And use three fingers to hold the string. You seem a natural at this, but the trick is to hold the bow lightly” he said and let go of my elbow. “Don’t focus on the target itself, then you lose your ability to relax and let go. Don’t force your will upon the arrow; don’t try to ‘make’ it hit the target, because then you are going to miss it for sure”. I absorbed his words and felt as if no one else was in the room. I felt as a goddess roaming in wilderness or a huntress foraging for food. I thought of my grandfather who hunted. He said it is important the rifle becomes a part of one’s body, one’s arm. If not, you get tense and may hit the animal in a way that forces the animal to die an unnecessary painful death.

“Focus on how your body is facing the target. Then your breathing, your arm, your sight on the arrow and how you stand with your feet will become one with the arrow, the bow and the string and thus part of you. Make a ritual every time you aim with an arrow; inhale, exhale, relax, tighten the string and let go of it. Then let the arrow do its work.” he said and moved away to the left side beside me. I closed my eyes and took a breath and did the steps he said and all scattered fragmented crystal pieces of my Self became fused into one whole piece. I felt very much alive and made into one with something greater than myself.

“Feel it, don’t focus so much on the arrow, the bow is strong enough”. I tightened the string, looked through the sight on the bow and let go. I hit the bulls-eye in the middle of the target three times in a row. This was a symbolic and intuitive moment for me. I ‘saw’ how to connect the dots in my life. If the bow is my soul, the string is my stamina, the arrow is my intention or truth and the target is my change (longing, dream, aspiration and so on) then lesson with my archery teacher was a sort of initiation to higher perception.

So let’s do an interpretation:

”Don’t hold the soul (bow) so tight. Try to barely hold it at all”

“And use three fingers to hold the stamina (string). You seem a natural at this, but the trick is to hold the soul (bow) lightly. Don’t focus on the change (target) itself, then you lose your ability to relax and let go. Don’t force your will upon the intention/truth (arrow); don’t try to ‘make’ it hit the change (target), because then you are going to miss it for sure”.

Focus on how your Self (body) is facing the change (target). Then your breathing, your arm, your sight on the arrow and how you stand with your feet will become one with the intention/truth (arrow), the soul (bow) and your stamina (the string) and thus part of you. Make a ritual every time you aim with an intention/truth (arrow); inhale, exhale, relax, tighten the stamina (string) and let go of it. Then let the intention/truth (arrow) do its work.

“Feel it, don’t focus so much on the intention/truth (arrow), the soul bow is strong enough.”

There are many situations in my life where I feel alive – good moments and in bad:

• each morning I wake up to my boy friend’s word “ I love you”. I am a very wealthy woman in that respect.

• when I have an engaging conversation even if it’s provocative

• when I listen to people who needs someone to talk to and ‘see’ them and I am good at that. It’s a In’Lakesh exchange;  I am another you (Mayan greeting)

• when my kids hug me for no other reason than they want to

• when I feel angry and outraged by ignorance, but can let go if it

• when I have an urge to poke an idiot’s eyes out, but resist because I know I am judgmental  (even if I am, of course, right! 🙂 )

• when I cry for any reason I can think of

• when I learn new things, even hard learnt lessons. I want to learn and seek and gain deeper knowledge about life itself.

• when I perceive myself capable of being in between time scales; that I can analyse the past, dream about the future but stay in the present because it’s where the action really is.

• when I realise, in hindsight, that my dark night of my soul was and is a process of ‘emptying out’, so I can be filled with tremendous, deep-seated and bright life force. Not necessarily a situation I had thought of as an alive-est moment before writing this, but it was and is.

The trick is ‘Don’t hold on to the soul so tightly, it’s strong enough’. That was an ‘alive-est’ soul lesson from an old master of archery on how to become one with what is. It’s really about Self Reliance.




personal recipe

The challenge of Day 27, by Harley Schreiber: [Think about the type of person you’d NEVER want to be 5 years from now. Write out your own personal recipe to prevent this from happening and commit to following it. “Thought is the seed of action.”]

A personal recipe to prevent becoming what you DON’T want to be? Well, I believe that thought is the seed of action, so…




call to arms

The challenge of Day 26, by Sasha Dichter: What if today, right now, no jokes at all, you were actually in charge, the boss, the Head Honcho. [Write the “call to arms” note you’re sending to everyone (staff, customers, suppliers, Board) charting the path ahead for the next 12 months and the next 5 years. Now take this manifesto, print it out somewhere you can see, preferably in big letters you can read from your chair.]

I have written a manifesto two years ago. I have it as desktop wallpaper and written foremost for myself. Then I thought as I am building up a business with my partner, we give this Manifesto of Self to everyone that work with us.


Michi's Manifesto of Self


ps. I have posted this manifesto before as an addition to an earlier published post.


The challenge of Day 24, by Patti Digh: Good and bad are but names very readily transferable to that or this; the only right is what is after my constitution, the only wrong what is against it. – Ralph Waldo Emerson [What are your false comparisons? What are your false expectations? What are your false investments in a story? Each keep you from that internal knowing about which Emerson writes. Each keeps you from making your strong offer to the world.]

Of grotesque faces I need say nothing, because they are kept in mind without difficulty – Leonardo Da Vinci

I started to write what you can read below and it’s about the extraordinary ordinary, our relationship to power. I paused after a while and started to read other posts, which I found brilliantly written. I will be brutally honest, what happened to me, as a reaction to other posts, is exactly what I write about. I went through the stages with myself. I compared, expected and invested on false terms. But as I recognised the process of falsehood, I could act differently and not just react accordingly.

Phanthom of the Opera

So you think you can dance?!

“Let’s dance” he said and took me by the arm before I could reject him. Suddenly I found myself on the dance-floor trying to follow a man definitely very capable of Argentinian tango. He had a tight grip around my waist and I could smell his cologne. I had to admit he smelled wonderful of sandalwood and citrus. His hot breath reached my ear and I could swear he held me tighter and I couldn’t do much but to follow his sexy steps. “Are you really going to do what you are thinking of?” he whispered in my ear. I heard him loud and clear even if the music drowned everything else. “Do you really think you have enough stamina to stand up against me and choose change?” he said with such a low voice I could swear he was inside my head. He bent me over his knee and I thought for a split second he was going to kiss me. “Let me just say that many others dance better than you” he said and in the next second I was upright with his mouth close to my neck. I felt minimized and noticed how I started to watch the other dancers. I stopped dancing and he stumbled over my feet. He regained his balance and looked surprised at me. “Excuse me, but what is your name? I said and slipped out of his arms. “You can call me Saboteur”. Okay. Well, Mr Saboteur, at least now I know the tunes you dance to. So thanks, but no thanks” I said. He looked at me, nodded and smiled while I walked off the dance floor.

The saboteur-in-me dictates my false comparisons and is the Guardian of Choice. All of us have areas where we sabotage ourselves. I can easily fall into Mr Saboteur’s arms if I don’t listen to the music he dances to, because I fear the change he brings with him and the hard work it demands. However, when I hear the tunes, I can make better choices to not follow his lead. And ultimately that is ‘the goal’ of the Saboteur-in-me – to make me stand up for my Self and not succumb to outside factors that block my empowerment.

Charlie Chaplin

Why doesn’t anybody ask me to dance?

I had arrived to the club in excitement. Tonight I was going to have fun. Tonight I was going to dance like nobody watched. The club was crowded with beautiful people. Many looked like they belonged to the in-crowd. That didn’t bother me; I was feeling good about myself and had a figure-hugging dress and shoes one could die for. I looked just as hot as anyone else. The DJ started to pump up the jam and the dance floor quickly filled up.

I felt a cautious tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw the most pitiful man I have ever seen. He wore ragged clothes and had no shoes. “Is he the only one that wants to dance with me” I thought and just stared. ”Is it possible for me to dance with you?” he said but looked down on the floor. He looked nervous and didn’t quite fit in. “Am I going to miss out on the fun tonight?” I tried to think of a smart way to deny him to dance with me. I started to feel anxious. “It’s unfair that if I’m going to dance, I have to dance with a loser. What will people think?” My thoughts were speeding and I looked down at the floor. I felt vaguely ashamed that I didn’t have the guts to look at him.

Excuse me, but would you do me the honour to dance? I think you are the most beautiful in the room, but maybe you expected to dance with someone else?” he said and put out his hand. I looked up and saw myself reluctantly take his hand and we started to dance. He moved with such confidence on the dance floor he looked like a king. I looked him in the eye and found that I didn’t mind his ragged clothes and his shoeless feet. “What is your name? I said and enjoyed being in his arms. “You can call me Victim, but my friends call me Victorious”. Oh nice to meet you. I like the music you dance to” I said and could have sworn that I grew several inches. He looked at me and nodded his head and smiled while we continued to dance all night long.

The victim-in-me dictates my false expectations and is the Guardian of Self-Esteem. All of us fear being a victim because it’s our most vulnerable aspect. I can have very low self-esteem and think that other people’s opinion is much more valuable than my own, that if I set boundaries for my Self I separate from others. The Victim’s primary aim is to develop self-esteem and personal power and demands that I evaluate my relationship to power and control issues. It calls me to take responsibility for my independence.

Marlene Dietrich

What do I have to pay to dance with you?

I arrived early to the club in the dark alley making sure that I didn’t miss the woman I was about to meet. I was thrilled to meet her. She was a renowned choreographer and had agreed to teach me how to dance street dance, if she liked was she saw. She wanted to check what I was made of first. She didn’t arrive in time but when she did I saw an extraordinary ravishing woman with the tallest legs on earth that blew me away. “How could I ever convince her to take me on?” I thought as I stood up in strict attention and put out my hand to greet her.

Darling, the legs aren’t so beautiful, I just know what to do with them,” she said as she sat down with a graceful movement like a cat that got attention from everybody around us. She lit a cigarette as she measured me with her eyes. She formed her voluptuous lips and blew out a smoke ring while leaning back with certain supremacy. I couldn’t help but find her dangerously seductive. She did a gesture to make me sit down again. I did.

“If I teach you what you want to learn, what’s in it for me?” she said with a husky voice. What’s your price?” I said and hoped that the money was enough for her. “Hm, I don’t need money, so money isn’t my currency,” she said without changing her facial expression of mild arrogance. “It has to be something else. What are you willing to pay, so you can get the knowledge of my body?” She put out the cigarette and smiled for the first time.

I felt uncomfortable and tried to think of an answer that she hadn’t heard before. I needed desperately that she taught me how to move and dance to the rhythm of life. I had nothing to offer and she glowed with self-possession. I wanted to have the same glow. I knew I had to come up with a clever answer so I brazed myself and said: “I can be your bitch. I can do whatever…”. “My darling, my lessons are valuable. I know my price. But obviously you don’t know yours.” she interrupted and regained her air of mistrust and detachment. I sank down in my seat and wished I vanished from the place. “What do you believe in?” she said with a softer voice. I looked at her and shrugged my shoulders. “Don’t know” “Do you believe that you can do what I teach you?” she said insistently. I gave her a resigned look. “Yes, I believe I can do that, I guess. Belief is all I can offer” I said and felt paltry. “But belief is exactly my currency, my dear” she whispered and stood up and started to walk away.

“Wait, what is your name? I said. “Most people call me Tramp, but my given name is Faith.” She walked back over to me and kissed me on my forehead. “To have faith makes all things possible. Love makes all things easy. Faith isn’t faith until it’s all you’re holding on to” she said and walked out the door.

The prostitute-in-me dictates my false investments and is the Guardian of Faith. All of us have something that can be compromised. To give away our sense of self-possession for security, usually of physical form, is harmful to our soul. This energy is financial even if it doesn’t necessarily ‘deal’ with money. The primary goal for the prostitute-in-me is to have enough faith that nobody can ‘buy’ me – my intellect, morals, integrity, word and so on – I am self-possessed and not self-obsessed.

Michi in person

The power exchanges I write about are common and ordinary in our everyday life. I think that the ordinary can be extraordinary and the extraordinary can be ordinary. And I need to know ‘my grotesque faces’, how my fears look like. When I do, I ‘see’ that it’s a mind-set and that it is a shadow that obstructs the light within. I can powerfully choose to act accordingly to my light, my higher source of Self that is always standing in truth.

Nothing is hidden under the light. It withholds a fire that destroys falsehood. We all share that type of energy, yet how we deal with it differs. The essential core of the energy is the same but as I said in an earlier post – we are emergent properties and as such the ordinary turns into extraordinary. It all depends on which scale we look at it.

So what I do in an extraordinary ordinary way is be who I am. No more, no less.


The challenge of Day 23, by Susan Piver: [If you could picture your intuition as a person, what would he or she look like? If you sat down together for dinner, what is the first thing he or she would tell you?]


I watched her while she sipped the wine I just poured in the glass. She was a magnificent woman. Yet I couldn’t really say what age she had. There was a timeless component about her that emitted an eternal aura. She was young and old at the same time, as the Maiden, the Mother and the Chrone fitted into one being. Either way, I stared. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Her lips were sensuous without greediness, her hands moved with a grace I hadn’t seen before, and her whole presence radiated softness. But there was something else about her too. She was not weak or meek but very powerful. I felt an invisible fist in my gut. And I knew it was hers.

“You have become better at it.” she said and looked straight in my eyes. “Uuh…what?” I answered and knew I sounded ridiculously evasive.Sensing my presence and trusting me,” she said and an elusive smile revealed a dimple in her right cheek.

She let go of my eyes and started to eat the dinner I had prepared. I served asparagus with olive oil and parmesan and a salmon ceviche with ginger pears, avocado, fresh chilli and lime together with a great Chardonnay. She seemed to enjoy the flavours and the artistic culinary formation on the plates.

“This is a fantastic meal. You should cook more like this” she said and made a gesture pointing at the plate. I was surprised when I got a mail from her stating that she was coming over tonight and it was long over due that we had a conversation face to face. I got nervous by the mail because I had felt her presence most of my life, but never really met her. Now she sat in front of me and I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

“Well, I do my best to trust you” I said breaking the awkward silence and bit my tongue right after. “What a lame thing to say” I thought.

“You know who I am, right?” she continued without looking at me.

“Yes, you are my intuition”

“Correct. Now tell me, what do I do?” she said and looked straight at me again but with a challenging look in her eyes.

There it was again; the invisible fist in my gut. I started to squirm in my chair and I felt myself diminish to a little spot. I knew it was she that did the ‘fist thing’ to me. Then suddenly I felt ease, almost as a soft caress on my neck. It was she too. She let go and I could look at her again. I inhaled as if I had suffocated.

“You guide me. You can be exacting but also very gentle.” I said honestly while breathing deeply.  “That’s right, sweetheart. I guide you. Because sometimes you act against your all-knowing heart, your better judgment” she said with a voice of a caring mother.

She stood up and started to walk around in the room. She moved with such an airy flow, almost floating, as if she didn’t touch the floor. She was like Galadriel in the Lord of the Ring films. She was a magnificent Queen and I was mesmerised.

“You see, my function or work is to guide you to your higher Self. That’s my contract with you. And frankly, sometimes I could just smack you in the face, when you act like you didn’t notice me!” she said with frustrated arousal. She stopped floating and looked at me with tears filling up her eyes. “What you do to yourself, you do to me. When you hurt, I hurt too. When you cry, I cry too. When you laugh, I laugh too. But it’s when you are afraid of what you know and ignore it, I die slowlyshe said and looked at me with such grief I wanted to embrace her.

She hid her face in her hands and cried quietly. I was speechless and didn’t know what to do. I felt such sorrow and grief in me and I noticed tears running down my cheeks. “Could it be that when she cried, I cried too”. She was almost transparent now, almost disappearing and I felt anxious that she would leave.

“Please, don’t go. Don’t leave me. What can I do to make you stay?” I whispered.

She stopped crying and looked at me.

I know what it is you see and experience, for it is also in me. I feel that you are awakening. But so I don’t diminish you have to actively decide for me to live. Without the ability to navigate fluently between life’s highs and lows, your life will be barren, dry and without purpose.” she said.  I heard her voice crystal clear but I didn’t see her move her lips. She spoke telepathically. She was truly an amazing being.

“You know what I talk about. You experience the dryness of disbelief, the loneliness of agony, the purposelessness of a barren spirit. But you also know that the darkness you have endured is vital for your progress. It’s vital to me that you understand and trust me. Now you are empty, now you can be filled up with unprecedented strength.” she continued and started to float again.

“I want you to live. I want to live. What can I do for you? How can I make you stay?” I answered and realised I talked fast almost stuttering. “I will ask my heart often what I hear and if what I perceive is according to being true to myself but please don’t leave me. Stay and guide me.” I continued.

“Remember I am always with you. I am always present, always communicating. But what I can’t do is listen to me. It’s your job to trust what I say. I can’t act for you, that’s is up to you. But know that I always love you.” she said.

“I will look for your whisper, I will feel your smack in my face when I try to ignore you, I will ask for your guidance when I am lost, I will acknowledge your fist in my gut and sweet caress on my neck. But most of all I will never again not believe you are not there.” I said and meant every word I said.

“Now, tell me, what is it I do?”  she said and smiled with so much love in her eyes, I almost blushed.

Make me aware and conscious of whom I am I answered and right there and then she disappeared, vanished into the air. But I felt her presence stronger than I ever had before.


The challenge of Day 23, by David Spinks: [Who is one person that you’ve been dying to connect with, but just haven’t had the courage to reach out to? First, reflect on why you want to get in touch with them. Then, reach out and set up a meeting.]

@Cindy A Pavlinac at Sacred Land Photography

Wow, I struggled a bit with this one. I’ve had many ’dreams’ about having a dinner party where I meet interesting people to talk with, meet personally and discuss life, universe and humanity. I would invite pioneers, healers, filmmakers, artists, politicians, children, teachers, scientist, inventors, activists and even dictators or fictitious characters, you name it. Imagine a conversation between Adolf Hitler and Nelson Mandela. Yeah, I know…a fantasy! But if I could put my loathe towards Hitler and admiration to Mandela aside, it would be a fantastic situation to have a close conversation. I am curious about people and their outlook on life. But there isn’t a person I would be ‘dying’ to meet. Then it hit me: There is one invitation I would like to send out and it isn’t impossible to make it happen.

I invite you, fellow adventurer to a ‘Marga’ meet-up, as a walk-about in Life.

Joseph Campbell wrote about ‘Marga’ in his book “The Hero’s Journey”; “Marga is from a root word ‘mrg’, which refers to the footprints left by an animal, and you follow that animal. The animal you are trying to follow is your own spiritual self. And the path is indicated by mythological images. Follow the tracks of the animal and you will be led to the animal’s home. Who is the animal? The animal is the human spirit. So, following the elementary ideas, you are led to your own deepest spiritual source.”

MARGA – a path of self-discovery and empowerment. Are you ready to experience a spiritual, emotional, and physical metamorphosis?

What? We create a self-reliant open-space meet-up where we explore the possibilities of our potential, help each other to tap into the human spirit that resides in us. An ‘Open-Space meeting’ is a format that allows the participants to formulate their own questions, get response from the others that attend too. So it would be as we write down our own prompts but have the extraordinary opportunity to get feedback and other perspectives in person. In between the sessions we could have seminars from some of the participants on their subjects, for instance I could talk about the archetypal language and symbolism in our lives and power, or marketing or leadership, someone could talk about healing or writing or mediation or Tai Chi or how to have a digital sabbatical, de-cluttering, healthy food and exercise…the possibilities are endless. 

Where? Hmm, yes, that needs some consideration; I would like to be at a place with sacred energy (I’m not talking from a religious perspective). There are many places that I think of; Black Hills, US or The Labyrinth in Chartres, France or Stonehenge, England …many places qualifies to emphasize serenity and wholeness. Any suggestions?   

When? Let’s meet year from now. 21 June 2012. (Next summer solstice) We would have a four-day (maybe longer?) interaction where we create the experience as a group. I would be happy to take the responsibility for the arrangements. If you know someone who would be interested, spread the love. If not, that’s fine too. I have no clue if this will take off but it sure would an exciting adventure, don’t you think?

Price? The factual cost I don’t know yet. But the experience would be priceless. That’s why the meet-up would be a year from now. I guess most of us would have to start saving to afford it. But I will look into it, if I get 10 or more people report their interest.

Are you interested and/or do you have suggestions to where the meet-up could be and/or some thoughts about what we could do please contact me and I will seriously work to make it happen:

Michi Lantz

Website / Facebook /  Twitter / Email:

Ps. if this doesn’t resonate with you, it’s totally fine. I thought it would be great to invite you, as an act of gratefulness for being part of my somewhat shaky steps towards self-reliance.

In’Lakesh, Michi


The challenge of Day 22, by Mars Dorian: [How can you bring MORE enthusiasm into your work? What do you have to think or believe about your work to be totally excited about it?] Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string. – Ralph Waldo Emerson


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Inspiration = Passion = Fascination = Ardour = Zest = Fire within = Flow

I am not sure where I want to go with this. Because enthusiasm is not where my heart vibrates. Originally, an enthusiast was seen as a person possessed by a god. In contemporary usage, enthusiasm has lost its meaning to someone who is over excited. Flow, however is a state of operation in which a person in an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus and full involvement.

Thus I would rather be in the flow than enthusiastic. I’d rather be inspired and inspirational than over excited. Within enthusiasm lies an anticipation of results that I think can flip you upside down if not careful. When I am inspired, I am immersed in the moment, within the action and fully participating with no focus on the final result. I can be enthusiastic, but it passes. When I’m inspired I am in the zone, almost forgetting food, sleep and time. Sure I can’t be in that ‘place’ all the time, but inspiration puts fascination on the table. I can be so fascinated by what I focus on and feel in the moment and fascination awakens motivation. It’s a zest for life that it’s almost palpable. It’s sensuous, almost sexual in its core. It’s Bernini’s sculpture “Theresa’s ecstasy”.

My inspiration has a very physical sensation to it. It’s like making love with that out of the ordinary intensity, which transports you deep within to your very centre and out towards the weightlessness of universe at the same time. It can be above the waist, it can be below the waist, it can be soft, it can be rough. Either way, it fills you with force. I haven’t felt inspired for a long time – 10 years probably. I used to be a very creative person. Let’s just say I perceive creativity as a life force and to lose connection to that essence has been devastating. Today I listen to a song (quite new) and it hit me that the lyrics described the nature of my inspiration. I will take you through parts of the lyrics and give example of my in the zone moments I have experienced.

[…] Your touch magnetizing, Feels like I am floating, Leaves my body glowing [..]

“It’s 1984 and it is my turn to enter the stage. My heart’s pounding and my hands are shaking. I am listening to the presenter announcing my name. I made it to the finals. I am dancing before 800 people. The crowd is roaring and I enter the stage. I give the performance of my dancing life. I fuse with a force, so strong that I have no awareness of myself. I am One with the music that has inspired me since childhood and my body take me to new heights. I win.”

It was an in-the-Zone-moment and I loved it and felt alive.

[…] A different dimension, You open my eyes, And I’m ready to go, Lead me into the light [..]

“It’s 1999 and it’s 4.30 am in the morning. I stand on a cliff waiting for the sunrise. I discuss with the cameraman about the camera angles he’s going to shoot. It’s raining and it’s a bit cold. The actors are being dressed in the trailer. My daughters are still sleeping in my car under supervision. I feel blessed that I, as a single mum, can do what I do. One of the assistants gives me a cup of coffee and the rain increases and I start to laugh. I realise that I live my dream. I love standing in pouring rain, with cold coffee in my hand waiting to start filming. I have worked very hard to make it happen against all odds.”

It was an in-the-Zone-moment and I loved it and felt alive.

[…]Kiss me, kiss me, Infect me with your love and Fill me with your poison[…]

“It’s 2000 and I look in my daughter’s green eyes. They are filled with excited anticipation and love. She is 6 years old and is in every way amazing. “Will you, Mum?” she says again. She wants me to tell a bedtime story that I make up while I am telling it. She puts away the book by Grimm Brothers and cuddle up inside my arms. Then we put out the lamp and I take her far and away to a magical land of possibilities where children can fly and meet fantastic creatures and conquer monsters. Right before she falls asleep she says: “Mum, I love you. Please remember to continue the story tomorrow!”

It was an in-the-Zone-moment and I loved it and felt alive.

[…]I wanna walk on your wave length, And be there when you vibrate, For you I’ll risk it all[…]

“It’s 2011 and it’s 6.55 am and I am not sure how I will address today’s prompt. I had a bad day yesterday, questioning the use of it all; what the hell I am doing and my worth. But I start to write about enthusiasm, trying to give a ‘clever’ answer, trying to be toned down like a dimmer. Then – HELL NO! I stop. I go for a walk by the sea instead thinking of what I should write. I have no clue but I feel a fire that I want to express. I don’t feel enthusiastic, but vibrant.

I come home. I start over. And this is what I came up with, this is what vibrates in my heart. This is what I long for, this is ME. When touched by the flow I risk it all – no fear, no lack, no cleverness. Only flow.

That’s the iron string my heart vibrates to. That is what I long for. That is how I make love to inspiration.

(The song is “E.T” by Katy Perry. The genre might not suit you but it’s the lyrics that’s important. Notice how she looks like “Theresa’s Ecstasy” in the slide show above.)

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