I was nominated by my writing friend Denise Ureña, to participate in My 7 Links and am so humbly grateful that she thought my writing is worth sharing. I am new to blogging, even though not to writing, and have only my posts from the Ralph Waldo Emerson writing challenge to choose from at this point. Different authors, bloggers and think leaders sent daily prompts every day for 30+ days to be answered and revolved around and honoured Ralph Waldo Emerson’s book Self-reliance. It was a month of deep self-reflection and a fantastic opportunity to connect with the writer-in-me and rely on my voice inside.

When I re-read what I have written, and the comments received, I fill up with gratitude with what we shared with each other. It’s naked and generous and in trust. Thank you, Denise for the nomination and thank you all for reading and commenting.

So the rules for the 7 links prompt is found here.

The categories are:

  • My most beautiful post
  • My most popular post
  • My most controversial post
  • My most helpful post
  • My post whose success surprised me
  • My post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved
  • My post that I am most proud of

My most beautiful postAlive-est (day 28)

As the headline says it was a prompt about when I felt the most alive. It’s about my archery teacher’s lesson on how to become one with what is. One lesson was particular mystical and carried an answer – don’t hold on to the soul so tightly, it’s strong enough. It was a moment of revelation.

My most popular postFacing (and fearing) (day 19)

This one wanted me to explore trusting intuition and making difficult decisions and is a three-part question. I found that The Voice of Ego mostly speaks louder than The Voice of Intuition and that I am facing the challenge of becoming a congruent person.

My most controversial postCall to arms (day 26)

I wrote a manifesto two years ago, and it’s my answer to this prompt. I call it Manifesto of Self. I am proud of it and believe it deeply. I don’t know if it’s controversial, but feel free to share.

My most helpful postWholly strange and new (day 16)

This post is very personal and was helpful to me to write. It’s about the moment I thought I went insane and was thrown into a thick, confusing darkness. It’s nothing I wish for others to experience, but it was the moment when I began to walk in different set of shoes.

My most successful postIntuition (day 23)

I am a storyteller and with this very inviting post I didn’t have to worry about “Oh, I have to write really smart stuff” and went fiction with it instead. I find my intuition to be very beautiful, strong and sheer at the same time. But the comments I got thrown off guard.

My most invisible postOrdinary (day 24)

With this post I went into the trap of expectation. Based upon the responses from the day before (see above) I hoped for the same kind of reaction and comments. But honestly I have no clue if the ‘lack’ of responses equals that it didn’t get attention.

My most proud postYou know (day 21)

I often feel I don’t fit in. I have an askew self-image and carry the archetype of The Ugly Duckling. I am constantly connected to what I call The Grid and have sometimes difficulties to discern what feelings are others or my own. Life has many facets and I have learned that what I know is that I don’t know.

And my nominees to My 7 Links are:

  • Sam Davidson with his blog samdavidson.net. Sam is a speaker, writer, and dreamer who tells stories that need telling in order to motivate others to change the things that need changing. Well worth the read.
  • Beth Turner Taggard with her blog livingaquotablelife.blogspot.com. Beth is Texas born, Kenya raised, single mum and a global citizen. She tells stories about herself, her childhood in Africa and her children in Arkansas. She vents. Often she rants. Sometimes she even bitches. She’s fun to read.
  • Maya Zaido with her blog animalwisdom.com. Maya is a true nature child. She is an educator, writer, leader and a speaker and helps people to live life to the FULLest. Enjoy her way of noticing life.
  • Janet Oberholtzer with her blog janetober.com. She is a true champion, a survivor and an inspirational motivator. She almost lost her life and leg. Now she is a runner, writer and a speaker. Her motto is: “because I can.” I admire her.
  • Talyn Khanbabyan with her blog gypsylightmuse.tumblr.com. She inspires through her stumblings and random musings. Her tumblr is a great way to start the day together with coffee or tea.

Enjoy the reading – my posts and others – I know I have. It was valuable to revisit the posts and reflect on the words and the thoughts behind them.


Comments on: "My 7 links – a new challenge" (10)

  1. Michi, I simply ADORE your personal manifesto… absolutley love that post. ;D Thank you for the nomination. I’ll let you know when I have mine posted.

    • Beth,
      Thank you and please spread the love. I am inspired by everyone that is inspired by the manifesto.
      I read it everyday, as I have it as background image on my computer.

      Can’t wait to read your favourite posts.
      In’Lakesh, Lady Beth!

  2. You chose wisely, Michi! I commented on your most beautiful and most proud post… those were pretty amazing 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Denise, for the nomination and comments.
      It was a good way to go back, read what you written and reflect upon the prompt and your words.

      Thanks and In’Lakesh

  3. Love your call to arms/your Manifesto … good stuff!

    Thanks for the nomination! I’ll let you know when I post mine.

  4. Dear Michi,

    Thank you for your kind words and for picking up a copy of MALAIKA. Truly I hope you enjoy her story and I would love to hear what you have to say if you are willing to share. She came to me in a dream a few years back.

    Feel free to forward the “Purpose” poem to anyone you see fit. Maybe it will help to inspire greatness in others. http://www.vanheerlingbooks.com/

    I will Twitter your website to my followers and let me know of any other links I can send out into the world for you.

    Be well.


    • Van –
      thank you. I am on my way home now and will start reading tonight 🙂
      I will forward your Purpose Poem. It’s very inspiring

      I will be in contact.

      • Michi Thank you so much for your comments about MALAIKA. I am so happy to hear you connected to MALAIKA and Thomas. I am doing a guest blog out of the UK in about a week. In it I explain how the story of MALAIKA came to me. I think you might enjoy it. I will be sure to send you the link. For future reference my email is vanheerlingbooks@att.net.

        Michi = #newbestfriend 🙂

      • Yes, please send me the link. Thanks for the email.
        …and yeah Van = #newbuddywriterfriend

        Take care, keep writing and In’La Kesh 🙂

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