The challenge of Day 18, by Michael Rad: [Write down your top three dreams. Now write down what’s holding you back from them.]

Today I will not at all conform to the prompt. Feels like I’ve been there, done that. I will go in another direction, to the actual dream realm itself where everything is possible and has no boundaries at all. No hard knock, no goals, no gravity, no perceived reality and no illusions. I will share a dream I had almost two years ago.

I tweet with Dr Manhattan from Watchmen

[a dream I had in August 16, 2009]

I tweet and find a blue man who calls himself Dr Manhattan. I want to follow him. He appears and asks if I really want this.

Do you have the strength to do it?” he asks.

Yes”, I answer.

He gives me a piece of metal where there is a number combination engraved on it. Now that I follow him on Twitter, I can enter his world. He can make himself incredibly large and has an omniscient, omnipotent knowledge of how things are. He says that because of that he now perceives time as a parallel, and that everything does not really run out, he can also understand the full meaning of it is not God who destroys us, it is we, humans.

He wants me to log out now, to sign out from his Twitter feed. He says I cannot manage knowledge in the speed of light. I refuse. I feel completely immersed in it. I want more and more. I know I cannot go back to my old world.

You have to go back. Otherwise you will burn up”, he says.

Then I see that I’m about to catch fire. My hands and feet consist of fire. I rush out the door and sit outside of Twitter door. I sit at a table with a newspaper in my hands. It smokes from it. My hands are completely black, as if just extinguished from being burning. I am looking through the newspaper and see that there are records that show which I follow on Twitter and who follows me. I have many supporters, including my archetypes, but also Dr Manhattan. I find it strange that he follows me; he has the knowledge and vision of how life and the universe work. Why, does he follow me? I must know.

I get up and look for the Twitter door. I go out and end up in the garden where two of my neighbours are talking to each other. They want me to take care of a conflict between them. They cannot sort out the situation themselves. They need help and I can help them feel better. They stand hand in hand, though they fight each other. I look at them and ask if they saw where Dr Manhattan went. I tell them that he is a blue man with white eyes and who knows, sees and feels everything in Universe. They look at me and ask if I’m feeling really good. They have never heard of a blue man. One points to something behind me and says I can always go through the door and look. Then they both start laughing and hugging each other.

Thank you, thank you for giving us a good laugh”, they cry after me while I go through a door behind me.

The door has shimmering white lights and stands alone without walls, ceilings and floors. It stands there in my garden. I enter and find a reception desk. On it lays a book. I browse and see the same records as in my newspaper. I see Dr Manhattan has enrolled at Twitter and that he is online. I take the lift up to the endless floor. In front of his Twitter door, I take the metal piece and to put in the lock. Just when I open the door, I hear Dr Manhattan’s voice asking if I actually manage to follow him. I answer yes and go through the door. He is standing or maybe sitting in front of me and wants me to come to him. I go over and sit next to him and find that we sit out in space and look at our blue planet.

Why are you blue?” I ask.

I am both the laws of physics and love being together,” he answers.

He puts his hand on my forehead and says he will show me. I feel a square circle that is lit in gold. I feel an infinite impersonal love to everything and nothing beyond others, material things and myself. He removes his hand and asks what I experienced. I tell him and ask him what he did to me. He replied that he did nothing. He was just beside me. I did everything myself. He says that now I understand and accept events in my right brain in what we humans call speed of light, but that I probably would be called crazy if I tell it to others. My left-brain is not yet ready to process that information. He forced his left-brain and could not handle the difference in his own and others’ perception. Therefore, he lives as a blue man and is perceived as non-human. Not everyone is susceptible to this perception. He went too fast for himself. He could not meet others where they were. He gets up and opens a door that suddenly is there before us.

We meet again”, he says.

I am suddenly in my garden again. Now, there are several people there.

Where have you been?” they ask at the same time.

I look at them and want to tell, but hesitates. I hear a voice inside my head that says: Go with the flow itself, not yours not others, but with it.

Where I have been? Home!” I answer and smile.

 I wake up.

Back then in August 2009, I studied Sacred Contract in Chicago with Caroline Myss and learned the language of archetypes, symbolism and spirituality. I was a spiritual wreck and had lost faith in most things. I had this dream and wrote it down. Today I remembered it.


Comments on: "dreams" (11)

  1. Some kind of dreams you have.
    I’d have to eat mushrooms or smoke good Ganja to enjoy trips as yours 😉

    Watchmen; a while ago already, but I did enjoy that movie.

  2. You beat me to it, Michi! With a film reference, as well… Like me, you did the writerly thing and wrote it down at the time. I especially like the fact the Twitter feed references worked themselves into your dream. I’ve dreamt about Twitter before, too – too many hours spent in front of a screen, I guess. As in the dream I’ve referred to in my response to this #Trust30 prompt, it seems people are likely to speak more profoundly in your dreams than they possibly do in your waking hours.

    OK, that’s enough synchronicity for one day. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. We ARE becoming a self-reliant group, aren’t we?
    Rules? We don’t need no stinking rules!
    I’ll dream and write however I please, thank you very much!
    Michi, I love it!

  4. Flo McAfee said:

    That was amazing. I truly enjoyed it. I feel that some of the prompts are becoming redundant, but unlike you, I haven’t detoured—I haven’t become that self reliant.

    This is highly visual. I could see a wickedly good video short. Very colorful…I disgress.

  5. This is great Michi…so full of meaning. I really enjoyed reading it. It kept me “glued” to the screen. 🙂 As always, thank you for sharing. Take care.
    Peace, Nico

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