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The challenge of Day 11, by Fabian KruseWrite down in which areas of your life you have to overcome these suicidal tendencies of imitation, and how you can transform them into a new-born you – one that doesn’t hide its uniqueness, but thrives on it. [There is a “divine idea which each of us represents” – which is yours?]


Emergent property is any unique property that “emerges” when component objects are joined together in constraining relations to “construct” a higher-level aggregate object, a novel property that unpredictably comes from a combination of two simpler constituents.” [from Dictionary (dot) com]

Life is a major source of complexity, and evolution is the major process behind the varying forms of life. In this view, evolution is the process describing the growth of complexity in the natural world and in speaking of the emergence of complex living beings and life forms; this view refers therefore to processes of sudden changes in evolution.

I believe that the uniqueness and complexity I represent are beyond rational mind and it can’t be shaped by sheer willpower or “overcome” by practice. I have innate psychic characteristics and power dynamics that are to be expressed, recognized, then worked with and understood. These rich universal archetypal patterns that flow through me and which I resonate with, will help me illuminate why I do and say the things I do and to discover the gold I hold inside – the highest potential of who I am and can become.


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  1. AnnaMuse said:

    I love the idea of being an emergent property. And great picture!

  2. “I believe that the uniqueness and complexity I represent are beyond rational mind (…)”
    Your consciousness has definitely evolved to a higher (spiritual) level where you can see things as they are, not just as they seem to be.

    Gold is made in stars and scattered all over the universe upon their death.
    I think you are a Star Child…

    Love your Divine Idea and again, a fabulous picture.

    • Warvis, you have NO IDEA what you just said to me! I am in tears!

      Let me back up a few years:
      2009 at attended Caroline Myss’ CMED course ‘Sacred Contract’ and after I completed it I am now a certified Archetypal Finder
      (although most graduates call themselves Adviser/Consult/Mentor/Coach…the list is long).

      Anyway, during the first workshop I woman came up to me after a session. During that session I had been telling the class (125 people)
      and Caroline and the other teachers my first spiritual experience I could remember. I told of a night when I was 9-10 years old and the
      street lights went off and it was completely dark outside. I was outside and noticed the starry sky and was overwhelmed by what I felt.
      I felt connected to what I saw above me. I was wondering how big universe was, if there really is an END to it and that I felt part of the stars.
      As a adult and mother, I have made up bedtime stories for my children when they were small. The problem was that I did it ad lib and when
      they wanted to hear them night after night… I had to scribble them down, but I never really wrote them down.
      This woman, who also attended CMED, came up to me and asked if I was from Zimbabwe. No, but my father is from Zambia, I answered. She looked at me and said:

      “Well, you see there is a myth, a legend in Zimbabwe, that tells of once in a while there are children born on Earth, that has the ability to tell stories,
      that carries the universal truth of creation stories. And their role in this big huge universe, is to tell them and share. They are called Star Children. So please
      don’t underestimate that ability in yourself”

      I cried and was overwhelmed by that. Later on, I was told that another woman had said that she “needed” my stories for her own children and wished that I wrote books.
      After that, on my way home, I started to write down the first outlines to a children’s book with the working title “Star Child”..

      So a virtual hug and humble gratefulness to you, Warvis. Because since I have been in my Dark Night, I haven’t written a word on that story. Nothing.
      Your comment reminded me of that story that awaits to be written. THANK YOU!!

      • There is no such thing as Coincidence…

        You’ve inspired me since the first day we ‘met’. Glad I could do something in return.
        Although you’ll write ‘Star Child’ as a children’s book, many adults will learn from it too.

        The little I know about you says a lot. I am grateful to share this time and space with you. Hope we can stay in touch. I’d like to read the one ‘Star Child’ I know and pass her stories on to my future grandchildren. Thanks in advance for that 😉

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